Turning 30, starting a new job and other things

I remember celebrating my 18’s birthday in Pretoria, South Africa. I moved there a few months earlier, and I had a pretty small social circle. I was not planning to do anything really, then a family friend called, and we went out that night, and I still remember that day with a lot of fondness. The next day, my friend called me and asked me: “so, how does it feel?” I replied, what?

Reflection on new years resolutions

A reflection on new years resolutions This year has been one of the most exciting years of my life. For the first time in my adult life, I didn’t set up unrealistic new years resolutions. Instead, it was easy for me to look at the things my wife and I had pretty much planned for the year ahead. Then, everything personally and professionally was evaluated based on how close it got us to achieving the plan.

How I Lost and Recovered 3 Hours Worth of Work Using Git

How I lost and recovered 3 hours' worth of work using Git


So, imagine you sit down in front of your computer; you start a new project in your favourite editor, and you’re flowing. Four hours later, you’ve ticked every item on your to-do list and it’s time to commit and push your project to git. You add your files, commit and push. Go on the remote server and what? Half your files are not there. You go back to your local project; you check the head and nothing. Oh sh.t! you say to yourself; the git ignore excluded a bunch of files, and some files that shouldn’t have been committed were added. We’ll fix it, you think to yourself. Delete the .gitignore, then git rm the files to remove, then you’ve removed the wrong files. Oh sh.t, again!. You decide to reset the branch to the origin: git reset --hard origin/master. As soon as you type enter, you realise your uncommitted files are gone. Disappeared. Never to be found again. Oh f#ck!


When your mind cluttered, close your eyes and breathe Breathe when it’s cold, when you can no longer bear The load on your back, the weight on your knee Close your eyes, just feel the air And remember you still have your breath

How To : Get a user's gigya profile using their gigya uid - Gigya Drupal 8/9

This is technical document to serve an implementation reference by Developer. We assume that you have the gigya PHP SDK and gigya raas drupal 8 module installed in your project. We’ve had multiple issues with getting user’s profiles or showing users information on the site – This is because of the limitation of theGigya Client Side - Web SDK . The user information have to be queried server side and this is how: